‘Ironheart’ Wrap Gift Teases New Armor’s Faceplate

ironheart suit

Ironheart is slowly building up momentum, as not only is the unique direction for the project grabbing quite a bit of attention but it’s also getting set up in the upcoming Black Panther sequel, Wakanda Forever. Surprisingly, many believed we wouldn’t see her fully realized armor until the Disney+ series, but early toy leaks hinted at her already getting her hands on it earlier than expected.

Yet, early set photos from Ironheart also hinted at her having other armors to play around with and a new image featuring the Disney+ productions wrap gifts hints at the design for two of the armors. Of course, we don’t know how many she may have access to, but it’s quite interesting that we see a grey design that may be the one leaked through the set photos alongside socks with the design that’s closer to her comic design. The images come courtesy of @ironhnews who shared them from one of the crew’s private Instagram account.

The faceplate on the hat looks like it would fit the design we saw in the first set photos from the Disney+ series. Perhaps she develops an armor that can tank some magic attacks, or she doesn’t have a fitting power source to keep her “main” suit running for long periods of time. So, she ends up experimenting to find the perfect way to make full use of her design. For now, we can only speculate but the more we see from this project, the more promising it gets.

Source: Instagram via Twitter

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