James Gunn Opens Up on Never Tackling Nova in a ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Movie

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Guardians of the Galaxy have become quite the household name in the industry. No one would’ve believed that the wacky group of space pirates would end up among Marvel Studios’ most famous IPs. Still, director James Gunn made it possible and is now ready to prepare for his third, and probably final entry in the franchise.

While the comics included a wide variety of members throughout the years, Gunn always stuck to a smaller group throughout the films. Naturally, many wondered where some fan-favorites are, especially the character of Nova and the reasoning turns out to be quite simple as revealed in an interview with ComicBook.com’s Phase Zero.

There were a billion versions of Guardians before I came aboard… Yes, I guess maybe some script had Richard Rider in it, but like, there’s a lot of different versions. Yeah, I was never gonna– I never had Richard Rider in anything. He’s just too big of a character and he seemed too… From the beginning, when I came on board Guardians, I didn’t wanna have two human beings. I wanted to have one human being so that he could be surrounded in this world of aliens and then we realize little by little that all of these characters are the only of their kind. They’re the only human beings to them, you know?

James Gunn

The idea of Peter Quill being the only human definitely was the appeal for this story, even if some aliens just looked like normal humans, especially in the Nova Corp. Still, Nova is significant character from the comics that has a lot of history to explore, which might detract from Star-Lord’s fish out of water storyline early on. So, it would be a shame if Nova’s story ended up overshadowing the main focus of the franchise. Luckily, the is already rumored to get his own Disney+ spinoff at some point.

Source: YouTube via The Direct

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