Joy Omanski and Neil Hopkins Upped to Series Regulars for ‘STARGIRL’ Season 3

stargirl season 3

Stargirl‘s second season has just begun on the CW network after moving from the DC Universe streaming service. It is set in the aftermath of the Injustice Societies defeat. Now, our heroes face a reality where they are no longer needed. The upcoming episode will see the return of Sportsmaster and Tigress, who were thought to be locked away after they took down ISA’s satellite and sent them packing. It seems this wont be the last we see of them.

Deadline is reporting that both Neil Hopkins and Joy Omanski have been promoted to series regulars in the upcoming third season of Stargirl, which was green-lit before the second had even premiered. The pair are definitely one of the shows deadliest duos, posing as quite the challenge for the JSA upon their first few missions, but the dynamic between the pair is quite perfect and it’ll be great to have them back.

DC's Stargirl' 1×06 Photos: Sportsmaster and Tigress Villains | TVLine

While there isn’t any details on the upcoming third season, and filming has yet to begin, its possible we could see the Crockett crime family come together in the future of the series. Cindy Burman is on the hunt to form her own ISA with Tigress and Sportmaster’s daughter, Artemis being high on her list as a potential candidate. The series could even potentially bring in the Crocketts oldest daughter, Cheshire. Artemis and her might become fan favorites with their inclusion on Young Justice.

Stargirl‘s second season is currently airing on the CW Network every Tuesday. The sophomore season features the return of Brec Bassinger and Luke Wilson as Stargirl and S.T.R.I.P.E as a new evil makes its way to Blue Valley, one that could be deadlier then the entirety of the ISA.

Source: Deadline

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