Kevin Feige Confirms Marvel Studios Won’t Explore R-Rating Beyond ‘Deadpool 3’ For Now

deadpool blade r-rating

The TCA has kicked off and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige got an entire panel to discuss the franchise’s future. While the event’s main focus remained on Disney+, some people got into questions regarding other properties. Most notably, they wondered if we would be seeing more R-rated films or projects in the franchise’s future. Interestingly enough, Feige confirmed that the now confirmed Deadpool 3 film is the only one in development.

What makes this so interesting is that it indirectly reveals that Blade will not be R-rated. The vampire hunter’s first live-action adaptation was quite famous for it, especially with the amount of blood used in the property. It will be interesting to see how they’ll approach the project and if they’ll showcase the darker side of a vampire-focused story. Of course, we’ve had vampire films with a PG-13 rating in the past, so technically, they aren’t forced to use it. Deadpool will most likely remain the only franchise with the R-rating moving forward, as the character is building on the franchise of the past entries. He does confirm that they are open to potentially exploring darker themes, but it won’t have any priority on their side.

Source: Twitter

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