Kit Harington Talks ‘Eternals’ Opening and Dane Whitman’s Role in the Film

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There are many mysteries surrounding Eternals, but none are as curious as what role Kit Harington might have in the film. We know he’ll play the modern-day Black Knight, Dane Whitman, but later learned he won’t even wield the iconic Ebony Blade in the film. The only connection we have to his comic counterpart is a ring that found its way online as merchandise. Luckily, Harington might have given us a clearer picture of his role in the film.

As we’re nearing the film’s release, the press tour has finally started and Harington was asked about his take on the character of Dane Whitman. They joked about the poor guy in the middle of superhero actions keeping his calm. The actor goes on to highlight that his character centers on what the Eternals are fighting for while also teasing his role early on in the story.

In the beginning, I had to represent something that was worth saving maybe. I hope that Dane comes across as a nice, stand-up guy. One thing I really respect him for is that a man flies out of the sky and shoots lasers out of his eyes and steals his girlfriend and he’s kind of cool with it.

Kit Harrington

He goes on to highlight his experience and how strange it was only really having a role in the opening moments. In the press interview, he even jokingly highlights how disconnected he was from the rest of the film.

So, that’s Dane. It was an odd movie for me. I come in at the start, in some ways intro the movie and the movie goes its direction with these wonderful people, this wonderful cast.

Kit Harrington

His character anchoring the story and Eternals overall motivation is a great way to humanize them. We’ll see if he potentially has a larger role at a later point in the film, but it sounds like they had some fun with the way the love triangle plays into the story. From the looks of it, Whitman has pulled the short end of the stick in this one.

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