Why Kong will Rule after ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’

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The long-awaited sequel of Godzilla vs. Kong is only a few months away. And with the trailer that just came out, we cannot wait to see the legendary throwdown between these two iconic monsters. However, the history behind this battle spans multiple decades. It has been an old-age question, and fans have different arguments in favor of their personal favorite. Most people underestimate Kong and speculate that it would be a one-sided battle. Let me brush you up on Kaiju cinematic history if you still think Kong has no chance. It isn’t the first time the two Kaijus are at odds against each other. In Toho’s 1962 film, King Kong vs. Godzilla, it was Kong who stood victorious once Mount Fuji ended. Therefore, calling Godzilla vs. Kong a one-sided battle is a bit premature. Now, let me make the case why I believe Kong will be victorious and become the true king of monsters.



People have been attributing Godzilla’s victory to their size, which is misleading. The last time we saw Kong was during the events of Kong: Skull Island (2017). It took place in 1973, so the big feller was still growing during that time. The trailer confirmed that once we reach Godzilla vs. Kong, we will see a taller and more mature Kong. Although Godzilla has shown better resilience and endurance in his previous films, Kong has the advantage of incredible strength, durability, and long arms. In addition to his speed and skills, he has an upper edge over his competitor.

Godzilla is slow due to his bulky size. In contrast, Kong has more mobility to move around. We’ve seen him demonstrate his flexibility and how he makes short work of enemies with his long arms. He is also able to leap very high, so he can easily dodge any attacks. While Kong and Godzilla are great fighters, Kong gets a competitive edge with his skills to jump over mountains and durable buildings. Moreover, the Toho original has imbued the Kong with the ability to absorb and zap out lightning with his hands that add to his already impressive physical attributes. I do, however, believe that this won’t be adapted in the upcoming film.



We also have to consider their intelligence. It is subjective, but we have seen it in previous films. Godzilla’s fighting still adapts to whoever he is facing. Meanwhile, Kong shows a higher understanding of who his allies are and who isn’t. He also forms strategies and focuses on his enemies’ weak points by utilizing tools to gain an advantage. It just proves that this won’t be as one-sided as people believe it to be, so anyone can win. The important thing to consider here is that they might not kill each other, as Legendary has some big plans for these characters. My point is that Kong is capable of defeating Gojira in a fight. We will have to wait until March 26, when Godzilla vs. Kong drops in theaters and on HBO Max.

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