Leaked ‘Hawkeye’ Set Photos Reveal New Comic-Inspired Hawkeye and Echo Outfits

hawkeye set photos leak

We’ve all been wondering if Hawkeye might get a new costume in the upcoming series. We know that it will introduce Kate Bishop and will be strongly inspired by Matt Fraction‘s My Life as a Weapon run. It will also introduce us to the Daredevil character Echo, who will be played by Alaqua Cox. We did get a first look at her some time ago at the actress but the costume only had some elements from her original design. Well, a new posting on Instagram reveals a more comic-accurate design but also a new look for Jeremy Renner‘s Hawkeye, which might be familiar to comic fans as well. Echo even has some leftovers of her iconic white hand face paint, which may hint at it also appearing in the series.



Let’s start off with Cox‘s Echo costume. It’s interesting that we only really see the fingers of the facepaint but not the rest. The second image in the gallery also adds. lot more color to it that echoes (pun intended) Hawkeye’s color scheme. It may point to her all being a student of the archer. The costumes shown later seemed a bit darker n color,w which could also be due to the lighting. Still, it looks like we’ll get the evolution of her costume throughout the series’ run. Renner‘s new costume looks like it was stripped straight from the comics with the purple arrow. It may be the costume that many connect with the character. So, it is perfect that it gets a spotlight in his upcoming original series. Hopefully, we might also get a look at the comic-accurate costume for Hailee Steinfeld‘s Kate Bishop that was teased by Marvel Studios in the series’ reveal.

Source: Instagram

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