Leaked ‘One Piece’ Image May Offer New Glimpse at Mackenyu’s Zoro

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2023 started off strong for those looking forward to the new Netflix adaptation of One Piece. Not only did we get a first poster for the live-action series confirming a 2023 release, but a look at the entire Straw Hat crew swiftly followed it. Among them was our first look at what Mackenyu will look like as the iconic swordsman. With a rumored release date in August, news died down quite a bit on the series, at least until now.

A new low-res image has found its way online via @OP_Netflix_Fan, which seemingly gives us our first tease of what Mackenyu’s Zoro looks like pulling off the three-sword style. While the image is exceptionally blurry, one can make out that it’s someone wearing a bandana with a sword in his mouth. While it’s not definite, there’s only one character that can pull off that kind of look.

It’s unclear if this is an actual shot that’ll be used in the series or just something they were testing out. What is interesting is that he is seemingly holding one of the swords facing downwards, which is quite different from how he fights in the original anime. Though, it may be a way to give him more flexibility nd the action sequences will be quite a bit different in the live-action adaptation from his usual one-shots in the manga.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a BTS image of the Three-Sword Style, as one of the earliest leaks ahead of production was an image of either Mackenyu or a stunt person practicing with this technique. There he’s holding the sword different, which may mean we’ll get quite a variety of fighting styles in the series. Here’s hoping our first official look isn’t too far away.

Source: Twitter

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