‘Making The Witcher’ Special Released on Netflix

Making of-Series are all the rage right now. Disney+ created Disney Gallery to show how they made their originals. Currently, the first season only showcases the making of behind The Mandalorian. They even released an exclusive Frozen 2 BTS series titled Into the Unknown: Making Frozen 2. Looks like Netflix wants a part of this BTS pie. They have now officially released Making The Witcher that offers a look into Lauren Schmidt Hissrich‘s adaptation of the iconic book series. They also released a trailer to let everyone know what they can expect.

The Witcher was a great addition to Netflix’s ever-expanding media library. It was a bit confusing in how often it jumped between different time periods but it still was quite a fun ride. Henry Cavill was a perfect choice as Geralt of Rivia. He certainly has a talent for grunting at people. I cannot wait to see how they got a lot of those creature effects done. Some of them looked outstanding and the blend of practical with CGI is always a major plus. The special will be around 32 minutes long with interviews of the cast.

The series is already renewed for a second season. As the first focused on short stories that took place before the main storyline, we do not know what will be the focus in the next eight episodes. A prequel is currently in the works under the title The Witcher: Blood Origin. They even announced an anime spin-off as well. Series was one of Netflix’s most-watched debut shows so they will milk it as much as they can. Production has already resumed for the second season so maybe we will get some teases in this special feature on what we can expect moving forward.

Source: Slash Film

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