7 Anime Studios Perfect for a ‘Marvel Studios: Visions’ Collaboration

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As the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to expand, Marvel Studios is exploring new ways to tell their stories. One of their focuses for the future appears to be towards animation. What If…? is only the beginning of what Marvel Studios has planned for the MCU’s future. It got confirmed by Variety in an interview with Victoria Alonso. Now, while what the future holds remains to be seen, we wanted to explore what could potentially be one of the ideas that Marvel Studios could be looking at as we speak.

Anime is currently one of the most dominant corners of pop-culture media in the world. Having an anthology series of short films similar to Star Wars: Visions, with multiple anime studios tackling Marvel characters, could provide a new take on characters we all know and love. So with that in mind, here are seven studios and characters we would love to see for a potential Marvel Studios: Visions anthology series.


1. Studio Bones – Avengers


Kicking off the list, we have Bones, the studio responsible for hit series such as My Hero Academia, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and Mob Psycho 100. Bones’ seems to love exploring large-scale fights with multiple characters. Yet, they also manage to focus on character interactions that best fit the overall story. So having a shot anthology film of the Avengers facing off against a common threat could potentially be an absolutely interesting concept for a studio like Bones to tackle.


2. Studio Sunrise – Guardians of the Galaxy


With projects such as Code Geass and Cowboy Bebop, Sunriseseems like a perfect fit to tackle a Guardians of the Galaxy story for this anthology series. Imagine a new take on the Guardians with the jazz-infused stylings of Cowboy Bebop. The art style of that particular show also could be applied to this Guardians story for a more retro feel for these versions of the characters.


3. Studio Trigger – Captain Marvel


The aesthetic and style behind the studio Trigger is one that is uniquely colorful and pleasing. This reason alone is why Captain Marvel could potentially be a good fit for a story animated by this studio. With shows like Promare, BNA, and Kill La Kill under their belt, a one-shot story with the space adventures and cosmic abilities of Carol Danvers could easily translate well into the art style of this studio.


4. Ufotable – Black Panther


Ufotable has provided anime fans with one of the most incredible and popular anime adaptations in recent history: Demon Slayer. The way they animate action and motion with a perfect blend of colors put them on the map. With that in mind, I believe that a story with Black Panther could perhaps be an incredible combination for this series. A story set within the boundaries of Wakanda and their culture applied to the artistic styles of Ufotable could bring forth some of the most imaginative and unique visuals with some incredible hand-to-hand combat.


5. Madhouse – Ant-Man and The Wasp


Perhaps you’d recognize Madhouse for their work in multiple series such as Overlord, One Punch Man, Death Note, and Hunter X Hunter. But, perhaps, one of the most curious things relating the studio to this pitch is that Madhouse is one of the studios that has already adapted Marvel as an anime before, including characters such as Wolverine, X-Men, Iron Man, and Future Avengers. Rather than have them rework one of these concepts, however, it would certainly be interesting to see Madhouse develop a story with Ant-Man and The Wasp told in the anime format, as their micro-scale dimensions could hit big in this world.


6. Mappa – Doctor Strange


If you’re a big fan of Attack on Titan and Jujutsu Kaisen, then you’d know why MAPPA is an excellent studio to tackle the magical antics of the Sorceror Supreme. Doctor Strange uses some elements and aesthetics that would fit right in the anime domain. MAPPA’s skill in designing memorable action sequences with unique visuals makes them the perfect fit. In addition, they offer the kind of creativity that would make Strange’s magic stand out even more amongst his Marvel brethren.


7. A-1 Pictures – Spider-Man


Lastly, but certainly not least important, you have the studio behind works such as Sword Art Online, Blue Exorcist, and The Seven Deadly Sins (Let’s just pretend that last season didn’t happen). A-1 Pictures tackling a character like Spider-Man is one of the most out-of-the-box choices on this list. Yet, I feel like Sword Art Online draws parallels in the form of the series’ main character and our famed web-slinger. Plus, the fluidity of Kirito’s movement shows what would be possible if A-1 brought the web-slinger to life in animated form.

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