‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Adds New ‘Black Widow’ Inspired MCU Skin

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Marvel’s Avengers has been busy preparing for its big August update that will see Black Panther finally join the game. Until then, we have this month’s release of the first Multiplayer-focused endgame content in the form of Omega-Level Threats and the return of their Black Widow tie-in event, the Red Room Takeover. It originally came out back in May when the film was originally set to release but will make a return alongside the film’s premiere. Luckily, it seems that wasn’t the only tie-in they planned as their official Twitter channel just shared the first look at a brand new MCU-inspired skin from the upcoming film.



The film eased quite a few different suits but it makes sense they went with the iconic white suit that’s been heavily advertised. It’s a great touch to use the Red Room visuals in the background, which added a unique flair to the HARM room challenges we’ve been playing since the game launched last year. It’s great that the game is doing film tie-ins and makes you wonder if we’ll see some more stuff in the future.

Sadly, Shang-Chi isn’t playable but with rumors pointing to a late 2021 release for Spider-Man, we could potentially get some of his iconic suits from Spider-Man: No Way Home in the game. Either Way, July is going to be an exciting month for the game as we get closer and closer to Black Panther’s release. Here’s hoping he gets his Captain America: Civil War suit.

Source: Twitter

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