‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Leak Confirms America Chavez

Two more days to go until Kate Bishop finally arrives on Marvel’s Avengers. As such, we still get some fun leaks from @mmmmmmmiller that offer us a glimpse of what we can expect from the game’s future. His last leak may have given us a better understanding of who is voicing T’Challa in what may be our third DLC. The day before we even got a look at some new architects that teased the existence of Moon Knight and Namor within the game‘s universe. Miller has now taken to Twitter to share another voice clip featuring Steve Rogers and Kate discussing the search for a member of the Young Avengers. The multiversal traveling America Chavez seems to be missing, and Kate is out to find her.

This reveal is quite curious, as it may hint at other Young Avengers existing as well. We know that Kate was about to join the Avengers officially, but we don’t know much about other teams existing. We are still waiting to see if the X-Men or Fantastic Four already exist in this universe. I am curious how this will develop, as America might become playable at some point or act as an NPC on an Outpost. Her addition makes sense as the Tachyon Rifts are going to break the multiverse.

So, she might be the one to help you travel between different dimensions, such as revisiting the post-apocalyptic world teased in Clint’s storyline. Marvel Rising viewers might also remember that her origin is tied to the Kree, which seems to be the main threat of the game’s first season. So far, it looks like they are not holding back with the various corners of the Marvel universe. Hopefully, this means we’ll get to visit some unique locations in future updates.

Source: Twitter, Vocaroo

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