Matt Murdock is Back…and On a New Marvel T-Shirt

After almost a year’s worth of debate as to whether or not Charlie Cox would be back as Matt Murdock, the actor popped up, as reported, in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Murdock served as Peter Parker’s lawyer and, in a brief scene early in the movie, displayed his radar sense by deftly snagging a brick thrown through a window. When asked by Parker how he did it, Murdock simply said, “I’m a really good lawyer.”

Marvel is now putting that humorous scene on display on three new t-shirts available on Amazon.

Amazon has made available a classic t-shirt, a raglan baseball shirt and, a tank top version so you can have the guns out when the sun’s out. You can purchase the shirts by clicking on the appropriate link below:

Premium T-Shirt
Tank Top

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