‘Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet Joins Disney+’s ‘The Santa Clauses’

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Modern Family‘s Eric Stonestreet is joining the cast of Disney+’s original series, The Santa Clauses. Stonestreet will play Magnus Antus, a 14th-century ruler aiming to take down Scott Calvin, played by Tim Allen, and reclaim the North Pole. He was known as the Mad Santa, which matches his rather cruel ambitions.

The Santa Clauses is returning after the series captured viewers’ attention last year. It was among the top five most-watched series during Disney+’s Seasons Streaming campaign and is very likely to dominate the next HOliday season once again. Stonestreet is a great addition to the cast, as he made quite an impression with viewers during his time on Modern Family as Cam. So, he’ll likely bring the same charm to this new role and add a new iconic character to the Holidays.

The second season promises a return to the North Pole after Santa’s retirement plans unravel. Scott Calvin will focus on training his son to take over the “family business.” Though going by this new casting, it seems that his path forward is going to remain a bumpy one as he won’t be able to leave the red suit behind any time soon.

Fans should expect series regulars Elizabeth Mitchell, Elizabeth Dick, Austin Kane, and Devin Bright to return. Matilda Lawler will lead the slate of guest stars, including newcomer Marta Kessler who will play Olga, a feisty gnome. Reports also indicate that Tim Allen will serve as executive producer with Jack Burditt, the showrunner.

Source: Deadline

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