‘Moon Knight’ Episode 5 Primer

Episode 4 of Moon Knight, “The Tomb”, was illuminating to say the least. We learned so much, Including the fact that Ammut was trapped in Alexander The Great’s tomb, and Alexander once served as his avatar! Arthur really did a number on Marc, first revealing to Layla the Marc knew how her father died and then shooting Marc, which is when things REALLY got nuts. The last part of the episode took place inside a mental hospital where Marc and Steven were patients and Arthur was their…doctor? The big question in this episode is, is the hospital where Marc is taken in the afterlife or is this whole thing in Marc’s head? Like is he dead or did he make up all these scenarios?

In the hospital, we all the characters from the series return in different roles and more Easter eggs than we could count. There is also more evidence, maybe the best yet, of there being a third personality, when Marc gets Steven out of a tomb and then another tomb is seen, shaking as if someone on the inside is wanting to get out. Finally, the madness ends when Marc and Steven casually bump into a talking hippo. Not only does everything happening in the asylum causes Marc to call into question whether or not the events he’s experienced are real, but they also cause the audience to wonder the same thing.

Arlyn’s Assumptions

Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 5 Release Date: Inside Steven/Marc's Mind Or  The Othervoid? - OtakuKart

In the next episode I think that they will dive deeper into the whole hospital situation. There is still two episodes left so Marc can’t be dead…again…just yet! But without the help of Khonshu, how will Marc and Steven escape wherever it is they are? And even if they do, will it be in enough time to stop Harrow from freeing Ammut?

The next episode comes tomorrow!

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