‘Ms. Marvel’ Director Offers Some Details on Disney+ Series Reshoots

ms marvel reshoots

Ms. Marvel was a surprising project, as it was seemingly going to release last year. It was hinted at arriving before Hawkeye and we even got a first glimpse at the project during Disney’s Investors Day. Suddenly, the project was postponed and there were hints at quite a few reshoots were ordered for the project. The Direct got a chance to sit down with director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, who offered a little insight into why they needed the reshoots.

At first, she seemingly hints that only “a few pickups” were necessary, especially when it came to tying together the story for the season. Ms. Marvel feels the most “episodic” of all of Marvel Studios’ six-hour drama series and it definitely has one of its most interesting over-arching arcs on her heritage and how it connects with her newly gained powers.

I think that we went back and did some pickup shoots in which we were tying the story in together, and making sure that there was a sort of cohesive storyline that ran through. And I think that each, you know, sort of, with each one of the episodes, when you sort of complete the series, you go back and you just think about all of the other things that you could have brought in and done that. So we did a few pickups here and that

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

She also highlights that a big part that influenced its developments was the fact that they had quite a few crowd shots planned, which were affected by the pandemic. As such, they couldn’t shoot on locations, especially as they had to travel from country to country, which took up a bit more time.

I think it was the pandemic. To be honest, I think that the pandemic was so cyclical, that every time we thought it was coming to an end, it would re-emerge its sort of ugly head. And I think that there are some very big scenes in Ms. Marvel and that require, you know, hundreds and hundreds of extras and that are shot on location, and they’re outdoors. And, you know, there is international travel and, and I think that putting a six-part series that is shot in multiple countries with diverse crews and multiple characters in a pandemic requires time.

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

The Direct theorizes on why exactly this project was delayed as far back as it was, but we’ve seen the restrictions international travel had on Falcon and The Winter Soldier earlier on that may have acted as a lesson for them while tackling a series that is directly tied to its cultural heritage. So, they may have decided to prioritize the reshoots rather than rush it out. Something we may see with many more projects moving forward.

Source: The Direct

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