‘Ms. Marvel’ Post-Credit Scene Explained

Kamala Khan’s bangle has been front and center over the course of all six episodes of Ms. Marvel, but even after the series wrapped, the bangle’s story seemingly just got a lot more interesting. The shocking post-credit scene sees Kamala’s bangle take on a life of its own, apparently energizing on its own before mysteriously sucking Kamala away and leaving Carol Danvers in her place. While it all seems pretty confusing, turning to the comics can provide some understanding.

As seen in the opening moment of Episode 3, “Destined”, the bangle worn by Kamala was originally taken from the arm of a blue being and is one of a pair of bands. Following Episode 3, it seemed pretty clear that the bangles were probably either the Quantum Bands or Nega-Bands from the pages of Marvel Comics. The events of the post-credit scene all but confirm that speculation as they showcase one of the capabilities associated with the Nega-Bands: the ability for the wearers to trade places with one another.

In the comics the Nega-Bands were created by the Kree as replicas of the Quantum Bands and while they share similar powers, they aren’t exactly the same. Most importantly, the Quantum Bands draw their power from the Quantum Zone while the Nega-Bands draw their power from the Negative Zone. It seems incredibly likely that the MCU’s version of the bands are an amalgamation of the two. Able to create energy constructs like the Quantum Bands, they are also now capable of allowing people to swap places with one another, like the Nega-Bands, as seen in the post-credit scene.

The swap seems to have been ripped straight from the pages of Marvel Comics where Kree hero Mar-Vell used the Nega-Bands to swap places with super-normie Rick Jones. Of interest to the process was that the swap always left one or the other of Mar-Vell or Jones trapped in the Negative Zone. Applying that comic book lesson to the events of the Ms. Marvel post-credit scene, it would appear that Carol makes the jump from either the already-established Quantum Realm or the soon-to-be-established-in-The-Marvels-Negative Zone. Whichever of those two places Marvel Studios chooses to call it, the implications are clear: when Carol jumped into Kamala’s room, Kamala jumped to wherever it was Carol was.

It’s unclear if Carol was wearing what might have been the other band on her wrist (in the comics they haven’t always looked the same and have been reshaped over time), but it is clear that the bands will play a large role in the plot of next summer’s Captain Marvel sequel, The Marvels. Also of interest is how Kamala’s mutant genetics allow her access to the powers of the band. In the comics, the latent X-gene was implanted into early man’s DNA by Celestials, allowing for the possibility of super-powered evolution should they ever be activated. Given the alien nature of the bands, it’s possible they were created by the Celestials, or other Cosmic beings, and simply ended up on the arm of the deceased Kree seen in Episode 3.

Whatever the nature and origin of the bands, they’ve changed Kamala Khan’s life forever and, much like the ten rings did to Shang-Chi, pushed her into a larger universe. It’s reasonable to assume that some of the first act of The Marvels will explain much more about the bands while resolving the issue of Kamala being trapped in another dimension. Fans will have to wait just over a year to find out more as The Marvels is currently set to hit theaters on July 28th, 2023.

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