Murphy’s Multiverse: 2021’s Most Anticipated Projects

After Birds of Prey released in early February, fans went through most of 2020 without a major Star Wars, DC or Marvel Studios project hitting theaters (New Mutants happened and Wonder Woman 1984 came in just in time to save fans from being shut out entirely). Some great films came home via PVOD and streaming services delivered some great content as well but…we are ALL looking forward to the bounty promised by 2021. Here’s what each of us is most excited to see!

Joao Pinto

HBO’s The Last of Us’ adaptation. I distinctly remember playing The Last Us for the first time in 2013 and feeling a bit underwhelmed, perhaps because I wasn’t patient enough to let the game hit its stride. When I gave it the time it needed, it became one of my favorite videogame/cinematic experiences ever. The Last of Us: Part II doubled down on it and has now been thoroughly recognized as the masterpiece it is. With Neil Druckmann (writer) and Gustavo Santaolalla (composer) being back for the TV adaptation, I cannot wait to see what they have to offer this time around.

Julia Delbel

The thing I’m most excited about in 2021 is the MCU’s streaming series debut. It’s so exciting to me that the franchise has gotten big enough to expand to give characters who may have gotten lesser time in the movies their own chance to shine, and I’m looking forward to seeing some new ones in action. The styles and genres they’re playing around with as well are very exciting to me, and the two shows I’m most excited for right now are WandaVision and Loki.

Joseph “The Machine” Aberl

I think I am just really excited for some Marvel Studios content again. The fact we could get up to six shows is just insane. The first trailers have teased so much that I am definitely looking forward to seeing this franchise expand into long-form storytelling. I am surprised how much the trailer for Loki also surprised me, so it might become my personal most anticipated series for next year.

Lizzie Hill

I am excited the most about the prospect of finally having some solid MCU content and seeing how some of these projects I’ve been following filming this year come out!

Edward Rose

I can’t wait to see the Multiverse Arc and Phase 4 essentially kick off in January. There are so many possibilities that the future of Marvel holds in store for us and I can’t wait to theorize about all of it.

Arlyn Murphy


I am most looking most forward to WandaVision out of all the upcoming films next year. I am because I have been waiting forever to watch this show, but it kept getting delayed. I also really like Wanda and her awesome talents. I also would really like for them to incorporate Billy and Thomas cause I like reading about them in Young Avengers.

Charles Murphy


I’ve been looking forward to seeing Shang-Chi join the MCU as long as there has been an MCU. As a kid, the Master of Kung-Fu comics filled my head with kung-fu wisdom and took me on pulpy adventures that rivaled Star Wars and Indiana Jones. I don’t know if Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings will adapt those things to the screen, but Shang-Chi has long been one of my favorite Marvel heroes and I can’t wait to see Simu Liu bring him to life. 

Charles Villanueva


I’m looking forward to seeing how all the upcoming MCU properties intersect with one another. I wanna see how all these properites manage to relate to one another, be it precisely or loosely, and how their threads connect to the next. Also, Loki looks fucking sick so it’s the single property I’m looking forward to the most. Coming from someone who thought was going to be jackshit, this is big.

Dalbin Osorio


Black Widow, hands down. If you trust Kevin Feige, you know that there is a reason Marvel hasn’t released their next film entry into the MCU. With Marvel committed to telling smaller arcs across different mediums, the easy choice would’ve been to release it already. However, Feige has always stuck to his plan and with us now under a month away from WandaVision and 3 months away from Clarence from 8 Mile and Andrew from Black Swan give us the buddy comedy we deserve,  it seems like Black Widow may move forward one of those smaller arcs we mentioned. With us knowing Nat died already, there is less suspense but there was less suspense with Civil War too and we saw how great that was. Black Widow will not disappoint.

John Sabato


The Suicide Squad is by far one of my most anticipated projects for 2021. With James Gunn behind the project, I’m sure it’ll have his signature charm with an already interesting roster of characters and the freedom of content that a Suicide Squad film deserves.

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