Netflix’s ‘Devil May Cry’ Series to Have a “Multi-Season Arc”

netflix devil may cry

Netflix’s dipped its toes in animation throughout the years with Castlevania being one of their highlight series. After four seasons, it officially came to an end with a new spinoff on the way that explores the same universe with different characters. Yet, its producer, Adi Shankar, isn’t quite done yet as he is revving up production on another iconic gaming franchise, Devil May Cry. In an interview with IGN, he confirmed that the scrips are finished for the first season and offered a tease of what is to come.

The season 1 scripts are done. They are rad. I could not be more excited

Adi Shankar

Yasuke writer Alex Larsen was involved with the scripts, and the upcoming first season will run for eight episodes, as confirmed by Shankar. He also pointed out that there are plans for a “multi-season arc” but wouldn’t go into details. He did, however, confirm that the story will feature Vergil, Dante, and Lady. In the same interview, he also talked about his work with Capcom producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi.

The entire team both from the management side and the creative side have been so incredibly supportive and gracious. Kobayashi-san has been wonderful. It’s seriously a joy to work with Capcom. Their character library is unlike anything assembled.

Adi Shankar

He also jokingly confirmed that Chris Pratt won’t voice any characters, as there has been a running joke of him voicing every character now after getting cast in two animated roles. If they only just finished the scripts, it means we’re still going to have to wait a bit longer until the series releases, as animation notoriously takes a bit of time before it is finalized. Still, if they are already planning multiple seasons, Netflix seems to truly believe in the project and the wait between each might be shorter.

Source: IGN

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