Netflix’s ‘One Piece’ isn’t “Shying Away From” the Manga’s Fantastical World

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Things have calmed down quite a bit on the shore of the One Piece live-action series since production wrapped up some months ago. Tomorrow Studios and Netflix are working on what may be one of their most ambitious adaptations yet, as the original series by Eiichiro Oda is quite a bit different from the more grounded stories of Death Note and even Cowboy Bebop. The world includes a wide variety of creatures, cultures, and environments that are out of this world.

There’s always some worry with live-action translations that cartoony elements may not make it into these adaptations. While visual effects have come a long way, there are still some limitations or even creatives who might be shy about fully embracing that wacky concept. Luckily, showrunner Matt Owens revealed that this series is definitely going to “look like the One Piece world” during his participation in the yearly One Piece community-driven live-cast known as the Reverie.

The world is going to look like the One Piece world, that is what it is. Are characters going to have razor-sharp teeth when they get mad? No, we won’t have that but elements that make the One Piece world what it is, we’re not shying away from it.

Matt Owens

For long-time fans, this is a releasing statement to hear, especially with just how creative some of the islands become that we see in the series are. It also makes sense that we won’t be seeing the usual anime tropes for the various reaction shots, but it’s great to know that once we hit the Grand Line, there’s going to be a lot of chaos awaiting this new take on the Straw Hat pirates.

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