New Animated ‘Avatar’ Series Rumored for 2025

Earth, wind, air, and fire. These are the four elements that drive storytelling in the animated Avatar franchise, which began with 2005’s critically-acclaimed series The Last AirbenderFor a long time, that series (and its lesser-loved film adaptation) was all fans had, until a sequel series titled Avatar: The Legend of Korra launched in 2012 and helped respawn interest in the franchise. Since then, multiple prequel novels and comic continuations have been produced, with several more films, video games, and another attempt at live-action on the way. Yet, despite all the incredible content, there’s always been one thing fans have hoped for more than anything else – another full-length show. Now, according to a rumor from Avatar News, it would appear they might just get it.

Most materials set in this world, created by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, revolve around one of the titular “Avatars” – a bender with the unique ability to manipulate all four elements, who is considered the protector and unifying force of all people and spirits in existence. The Avatar is a singular being who reincarnates with each new generation and is born cyclically throughout the four fictional elemental nations. The Last Airbender told the story of Avatar Aang, who was, obviously, an airbender, while The Legend of Korra told the story of his successor, a waterbender named, obviously, Avatar Korra. If Avatar News is correct, it would seem Avatar Studios is now working on a second sequel series that would take place after Korra, with the intent to release in 2025 and follow the life of the earthbending Avatar who would be born after Korra’s death.

At this time, there is no other information regarding who the next Avatar would be. However, based on the average time jumps between each previous Avatar, it can be surmised that the Earthbending Avatar would live in the Avatar equivalent of modern times. The Last Airbender was set in an ancient world, and The Legend of Korra took place during an Industrial Revolution. Hopefully, Avatar Studios are cooking up an interesting take on the technological landscape viewers live in now, and hopefully, this rumor has some credibility to it. It’s definitely something to be wishful for.

Source: Avatar News

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