New ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ Series to Premiere on YouTube during Earth Day

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It feels like yesterday that Nickelodeon announced it formed a brand new Avatar Studio that will dedicate its work to create films and spin-offs of the iconic franchise. After only two months, they surprised us by announcing that Avatar: The Last Airbender will get a new original series this April. It will premiere on the official YouTube channel on April 24th to celebrate Earth Day. The channel revealed that the 3-day event features earth-shattering original videos. They used a GIF of Toph, but that doesn’t mean she will be the series’ focus. It is uncertain if these are just a bunch of mini-episodes rather than the usual 22-minute runtime.

The series will be available on the service permanently even once Earth Day ends. So, this isn’t a timed exclusive. As Avatar News points out, the voice of Korra, Janet Varney, has teased that a project of some kind is in development. The series has built up a strong connection with the relationship between humanity and Mother Nature. So, it’s a clever tie-in to celebrate the revival of the franchise.

Avatar was originally going to get adopted as a live-action Netflix series. However, the creators and showrunners left the project due to creative differences. The sudden announcement by Nickelodeon pretty much hinted at that live-action adaptation getting scrapped, as the creators took over the reins to continue development on the franchise through animation. There are no details on this series. So, we might get a vignette with familiar characters or a unique series that simply explores the world in celebration of Earth Day. Whatever it may be, we are excited to return to the franchise after this long hiatus.

Source: Avatar News, YouTube

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