New Domain Registration Further Hints at ‘Persona 3’ Remake

persona 3 remake

Looks like news and hints are piling on as of late. Earlier this year, we got our first rumor hinting at a future Persona 3 remake. It wasn’t too surprising if it had any validity given the project was voted as the top choice to get reworked by fans and there has been some concern over Atlus remastering the PlayStation Portable variant rather than tweaking the original Persona 3 FES release.

Earlier today, some supposed footage had leaked from a 2021 internal meeting at Atlus. While only a rumor at the time, the footage included one of Persona 3‘s main characters in a new model alongside never-before-seen Sonic Frontiers footage including an enemy that was only featured in concept art but not in the final release. It doesn’t confirm it and is just a rumor but it still is a curious leak.

Now, it seems another hint may have surfaced, as Twitter user @MbKKssTBhz5 has shared a new domain that has been registered in Japan. The title P3RE.JP doesn’t really give away what it is for but would match the naming that Atlus has given its other entries. The microsite for Persona 5 Royal is titled P5R.JP and would match this overall naming. Other titles haven’t received their own site to give a better comparison.

It seems like the naming was set earlier this month in 2023, which could hint that they are preparing the site for an upcoming announcement. It’s not uncommon that these kinds of site registrations are renewed or done ahead of announcements, but with P3 and a “RE” hinting at Remake, perhaps there’s more to this rumor than we thought at first. It’s definitely something to keep a close eye on.

Source: Twitter

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