‘X-Men ’97’ Showrunner Seems to Confirm Rumored Delay

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As word began to circulate that Marvel Studios 2023 streaming slate might see some reshuffling following the return of Bob Iger, one series that seemed a safe bet to remain in 2023 was X-Men ’97. The revival of the beloved X-Men: The Animated Series, X-Men ’97 was set to kick off its rumored four-season run in the Fall of 2023. Now it seems as though that will not be the case.

Following a rumor about the show being delayed until 2024 was shared on Twitter by CanWeGetSomeToast, showrunner Beau DeMayo took to social media to tell ask fans who are anxiously awaiting the show to “just be patient.” Though DeMayo said he could “neither confirm nor deny” the rumors of the show’s delay, the information is consistent with word that reached us as well.

Despite the friends of humanity still having their mullets and getting all up in it, things are really starting to look up for mutants. And this is gonna kind of come to a head and leads our X-Men to say, ‘What does our future hold for us? We weren’t expecting this.

Beau DeMayo on X-Men ’97

As with many of the projects that are currently facing delays of varying lengths, the extra time to nail things down should ultimately be worth the wait for fans. The new series is set to pick up right where Season 5 of X-Men: The Animated Series left off. According to DeMayo, X-Men ’97 begins “several months after Professor X left Earth after being shot by Henry Gyrich and had to return to the Shi’ar homeworld to be with Lilandra.” The mutant superteam will also be going up against a familiar foe in Mister Sinister, according to an official synopsis of the series. So it sounds like there are plenty of great things in store for fans whenever the show finally makes its way to Disney Plus.

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