New Report Claims ATLUS Has Worked on the ‘Persona 3’ Remake for “Several Years”

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The story surrounding Persona 3 has been quite an exciting one. Earlier this year, it kicked off with some random Reseterra rumor hinting at a remake of the iconic game. The irony was that ATLUS was just releasing a remaster of the PlayStation Portable version, Persona 3 Portable. Yet, given that it is a very basic version of the original, it made sense they’d want to modernize the game that kicked off the current version of the franchise.

Just yesterday, we had two more hints at its existence. First off, supposed footage of a remake has found its way online from a potential earlier build back in 2021 that was used for an internal presentation. Not just that, but someone else noticed that a new website similar to and had been uncovered titled So, more and more hints were gathering about the existence of this game.

Surprisingly, the news outlet Gematsu has also covered the recent leaks but went one step further. In a second tweet following the report that they “understand” the long-rumored Persona 3 remake has “been in development at ATLUS for several years.”

While we cannot verify the footage itself, Gematsu understands that a Persona 3 remake has been in development at ATLUS for several years.

While ATLUS still hasn’t given an official statement, it does seem more and more realistic that this remake is in development. Most rumors pointed to the project potentially releasing at some point this year, which definitely would be a nice way to get our Persona fix while we wait for any announcement for Persona 6. Here’s hoping there’s no additional delay for the future entry of the franchise due to the development time on this remake.

Source: Twitter

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