New ‘Hawkeye’ Featurette Includes Comic-Accurate Costume During LARP Scene

hawkeye comic costume

Here’s a curious way to reveal a comic-accurate design for Clint Barton’s Hawkeye comic costume. Many lamented that the LARP – short for Live Action Role-Playing – sequence didn’t force our favorite archer into a costume that is closer to one from the comics. Well, it turns out that a member of the game was going to wear the costume in the Disney+ series, as revealed in a new featurette on the segment. He appears early on and seemingly was cut at some point of the production, but perhaps they have plans for the costume later down the line if they didn’t want to include it here, or it just took away from his interactions with Grills.

Here’s a screenshot o the costume design with the LARPer even in a fitting stance,r ready to shoot out two arrows:

His costume looks quite impressive and continues the trend of making the cheesier designs a reality, such as WandaVision‘s Halloween costumes or Loki classic outfit through an older Variant. It would’ve been a great addition but also might add some questions about his inclusion. We’ve never seen Clint wear a costume like that and it seems unlikely they might’ve based it on him. There’s, of course, the chance that someone just created merchandise with that costume and he might be quite annoyed by its existence. We’ll see if his original design still gets a shoutout eventually in the series.

Source: YouTube

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