RUMOR: First Details on Next ‘Bioshock’ Leaks Online

bioshock isolation

It looks like the long-teased next entry in the popular BioShock franchise may have leaked online. Twitter user @oopsleak (fitting name) has shared a curious document that seems similar to what the company Cloud Chamber has used for quite some time, as pointed out by It reveals a potential title for the next entry, which might be Bioshock: Isolation. It’ll explore an isolated dystopian city once again, but no details on how it might differ from previous entries. Here’s hoping the potential Q1 announcement next year comes true with a closer insight into the project.

Some early job listings hinted that the next entry might take a very different approach for the latest installment. While you can explore the cities of Rapture and Columbia, there were quite a few restrictions. They are story-driven games that push you through a mind-bending narrative rather than just focusing on gameplay. So, it might add a new twist on how you experience this new dystopian city. The subtitle of Isolation might change but it’s a curious idea. Perhaps you are left alone in this new location and have to find your way out. So, an underground theme might take focus this time around. Here’s hoping the wait isn’t too long.

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