NYCC: HBO Max’s ‘Titans’ Set Prop Teases Possible Superman Appearance

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The next season of Titans looks quite promising, as the team is leaving Gotham behind and faces a new threat. Many were caught by surprise when they announced that Titus Welliver will take on the role of Lex Luthor in the next season, which opened up many new story possibilities for the HBO Max series. With a release planned for November, the DC TV show used the opportunity to show off and tease what the future has in store for the team at New York Comic-Con. There, they may have given away a little hint at a future appearance with the prop sets being showcased at its booth.

Among the many little teases of what the future has in store for the Titans series. Our very own John Sabato got a chance to visit the booth and noticed a rather interesting little set prop from the upcoming fourth season, the glasses of Clark Kent. So far, the only main Justice League member that made an appearance was Iain Glen taking on the role of Batman. Now, it seems that Clark Kent’s glasses will be sued in the fourth season, which means there’s a chance that Superman could make an appearance.

The inclusion of Superman would make sense given Lex Luthor’s role in this season. Plus, we finally get to spend some time with Connor, who is a clone of him and Lex. We haven’t gotten a chance to explore how he would react to his existence or generally what it means to have another Kryptonian in his life. Lex’s role could also add some tension between these two as Connor tries to find his own place in this world beyond just being a member of the Titans.

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