NYCC: Oscar Isaac Teases More ‘Moon Knight’ in the MCU’s Future

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We’ve long wondered what the future might be for Moon Knight. There still hasn’t been an announcement for a second season even if the first one ended on a perfect note to continue the storyline of the newly introduced personality Jake Lockley. Still, we’re still anticipating some kind of update on the project.

Luckily, it seems that Moon Knight star Oscar Isaac was asked during a panel at New York Comic-Con if we can expect a second season. While he plays coy on anything definite, he uses the interesting wording of “system” in regard to the Marvel Cinematic Universe return of Moon Knight.

All I can say is that this isn’t thee last we’ve heard of the system that is Moon Knight.

Oscar Isaac

We’ll likely have to wait a bit to see if a second season is potentially part of Phase 6, as the fifth phase has seemingly been completely mapped out already but things can shift around if needed, especially with Armor Wars now a cinematic release opening a spot for a Disney+ series. There were some hints by director Mohamed Diab in the past but he quickly backtracked on it after word started spreading.

We’ll have to see if they are building up to it and potentially what the future has in store for the character. There have been rumors that Moon Knight may appear in an upcoming film,b ut there’s not been a definite tease on that outside of some rumblings online. Still, it would be strange to bring in Isaac into the MCU for a single season on Disney+ and not further explore the character in the projects.

Source: NYCC via Twitter

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