‘Olaf Presents’ is the Latest Example of Disney+’s Creative Freedom

According to director Hyrum Osmond and star Josh Gad, the team had full creative freedom on the Disney+ series Olaf Presents.

The upcoming Disney+ series Olaf Presents features the Frozen franchise’s famous snowman sidekick retelling classic Disney tales in bite-sized episodes. At a press conference for the series, Olaf Presents producer, director and star Josh Gad all praised the creative freedom the show enjoyed. Producer Jennifer Newfield discussed how “Let’s Play” was a guiding creative concept:

“Being able to play I mean, I think I think that was throughout the entire production is let’s play. And I think that our collaboration efforts come in the way that we went about it was in that way. And we knew that we could take liberties which is not often the case, especially in animation, we have to be very precise with our decisions. And I think the playfulness of the whole the whole way through from the script, writing to the recording sessions, all the way to animators really being able to kind of take the reins a little bit and yeah, be able to just enjoy that freedom is so nice.”

Jennifer Newfield

Gad expressed that one of his favorite parts about voicing the titular character is that the creators just “let [him] go crazy.” Director Hyrum Osmond doubled down on the creators’ philosophy in making the show:

“But I think one of the things is so great, you know, we talked about the inspiration of these films, but it’s also just taking the liberty to not take ourselves too seriously. And I think that is just so fun. And especially when you start telling these things, from the perspective of this, the sort of naive Olaf, right, like the way he sees it. I mean, you can’t help but have some of these fun moments.”

Hyrum Osmond

The Frozen spin-off isn’t the only new Disney+ animated series to apparently be allowed extensive creative freedom. Marvel Studios’ What If… ? head writer A.C. Bradley often said similar things about her experience:

“When I took the job, one of my rules was let’s be free. We’re in the multiverse — we should be as free as can be and go and run into the wild, into the stories the movies will never do, into the stories the TV shows will never do, and show both Disney and the fans all the possibilities of these characters.”

A.C. Bradley

Maybe Olaf Presents is another hint as to how Disney+ intends to handle some of its original series, particularly animated ones. Allowing writers and actors to simply have fun with a project can undoubtedly be rewarding for the studio and audience alike. 

Olaf Presents starts streaming on the platform on Disney+ Day on November 12. 

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