Stephanie Beatriz on How “Awkwardness” Brought ‘Encanto’s Mirabel to Life

For Encanto actress Stephanie Beatriz, it was important to use her own awkwardness to help bring Mirabel Madrigal to life.
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Encanto will introduce us to a family filled with special individuals that each have a unique ability. There is, however, one outlier. Mirabel Madrigal, played by Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s Stephanie Beatriz, has to juggle the fact that she stands out in her family for being normal. In the latest press junket, the actress offered some insight into how she tackled the role and revealed that she brought her own “awkwardness” into the character. She goes on to highlight what she added to the role from her own life, such as:

My anxiety, my “oh,” my “and” and honestly, like, my
use of comedy. Often when I’m uncomfortable or don’t really know what to do, or how to handle a situation, I often turn to try to make a joke out of it. Too make myself more comfortable, to make somebody else more comfortable. think comedy is-it’s really useful ’cause it takes the air out of stuff, you know?

Stephanie Beatriz

She highlights that she improvised and loved to bring her humor that builds upon the anxiety she mentions in the press junket. It builds upon the awkwardness and generally showcases how we use comedy to make tense situations we’re uncomfortable with more manageable.

Like, everything can be really intense, and then you make a joke and everyone relaxes. You can’t be tense that you can’t really laugh if you’re tense. Does that make sense? So, I think I try to bring that to Mirabel. I like to improvise. I like jokes and I like making other people laugh.

Stephanie Beatriz

It’s a great insight and the trailers have teased the way Mirabel stands out from her family, not just due to her lack of ability. We can’t wait to see how Beatriz‘s take on the character adds another layer to this wacky adventure that’s all about family. 

Encanto hits theaters on Nov. 24th.

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