‘Raised by Wolves’ Line Producer Joins Netflix’s ‘One Piece’ Series

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We’ve been still waiting for quite some time to find out what exactly the future has in store for Netflix’s live-action adaptation of One Piece. Recently, some new photos have surfaced teasing the Straw Hats’ famous ship, the Going Merry, parked comfortably in their shooting location in Cape Town. Yet, we still haven’t heard anything about the upcoming cast that will bring the East Blue saga to life. To bridge our wait until we get more information, a listing on the website CallaCrew has revealed that Cheryl Eatock joined the project as a line producer.

The website includes the resumé of Lerato Tshabalala, who is Eatock‘s production secretary. Of course, it doesn’t explicitly call it by the series’ name but rather the production title we’ve uncovered back when we shared the news on Marc Jobst directing the pilot episode. At one point, the production changed from Project Roger, named after the famous king of the pirates to Project Panda. The title is a joke reference to the manga’s creator Eiichiro Oda‘s ongoing joke of including a random character known as Pandaman in the background.

Eatock has quit the experience working in South Africa, as she also was the line producer of Ridley Scott’s first TV series Raised by Wolves. She’s also worked on other big-budget films like The Dark Tower and Bloodshot. She once shared that it took them four months of pre-production to prepare for a 22-week shoot. We’ve noticed that some of the production team behind One Piece moved to South Africa, and there’s a chance they are also busy preparing everything. Here’s hoping it means the wait won’t be much longer, but her work on Raised by Wolves might help turn Cape Town into the crazy world of the East Blue.

Source: CallaCrew, IMDb, Motion Pictures

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