REPORT: ‘Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls’ Villain to Join ‘Hawkeye’ Cast

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Just recently, we’ve may have accidentally gotten an estimation on when Disney+’s Hawkeye series might finally drop this year. It seems likely it is eyeing a potential November release date, but nothing is set in stone. We haven’t heard much on it since around two months ago images leaked online revealing Jeremy Renner wearing Clint Barton’s iconic costume from the comics alongside Alaqua Cox‘s Echo. It looks like we might have gotten some more news as Cosmic Circus is reporting that Simon Callow has joined the series.

Sadly, the information on his role is sparse but supposedly will have a key role in the earlier episodes. He may have ties to Tony Dalton‘s Jack Duquesne, who is better known as Swordsman. Cowell has a long history with cinema and TV, which goes as far back as 1975’s Get Some In! and 1984’s Amadeus. The British actor has also appeared in films like 1998’s Shakespeare in Love and even 1995’s Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls. In the latter, he played the main antagonist of the film, Vincent Cadby. He also appeared in some pop-culture favorite franchises like the BBC series Doctor Who as Charles Dickens and Netflix’s The Witcher.

It’ll be interesting to see what role he has in the series. If they use this show to explore Hawkeye’s past before he joined SHIELD, it wouldn’t be too surprising for him to play Ringmaster. It would make the most sense, but the Disney+ series has surprised us in the past. He may even be a father figure to Echo, who’ll have a prominent role throughout the series and could also connect to Swordsman in some way. Marvel Studios has kept the series’ plot under wraps and here’s hoping we get a trailer in the near future to offer some more insight on what we can expect from the archer’s grand return.

Source: Cosmic Circus

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