REPORT: ‘CAPTAIN MARVEL 2’ Casting Hints at Blue Marvel’s MCU Debut

Casting is underway for Captain Marvel 2 and the description of a supporting role in the film may hint towards Dr. Adam Brashear, aka the Blue Marvel, joining the MCU. According to GWW, Marvel Studios is seeking a Black male, 20-30, described as a Michael B. Jordan or John Boyega type, for an unnamed role in the film.

A 'Blue Marvel' Film Could Be The MCU's Platform for High-Concept Sci-Fi - MCUExchange

Blue Marvel was first introduced in a 2008 limited series titled Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel and though he has been used sparingly over the last decade or so, he did feature prominently in Al Ewing’s Ultimates where he entered into a relationship with Monica Rambeau. While Brashear’s backstory might have to be changed to fit into the current flow of the MCU, his incredible origins and high concept sci-fi stories would be right at home. Time will tell if this is Brashear or not, but fans of his (like me) are keeping our fingers crossed that we’ll get a chance to see him brought to life in the MCU!

Source: GWW

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