REPORT: First Casting Details for ‘Blade’ Revealed

Blade casting

Marvel Studios is starting to expand its portfolio in new and curious ways. No, I am not talking about its future Disney+ shows. I am talking about their visit to the darker corners of the Marvel comics. Mahershala Ali got cast in the role of the famous Daywalker Blade. The moment they announced it, we knew we will explore a new look Marvel Cinematic Universe. Yesterday, we got the reveal that the upcoming film is eyeing a late 2021 production start, so we didn’t expect some casting news until the latter half of the year.
Well, it looks like something already found its way online, as DisInsider shared a news piece that the film is eyeing a production start in September in Marvel Studios’ go-to Trilth Studios. The large takeaway is that the series seems to be casting a strong supporting role for the film. They are looking for a teen named Ruby. She is described as “thoughtful, serious, and burdened by growing up in a complex world.”
Interestingly, they are already casting this early if they aren’t going to enter production until September. This revelation would imply that the character may have a considerable role in the story, which could have some interesting implications for the MCU’s adaptation. The 1998 adaptation had a smaller cast, which included his mentor, Abraham Whisler, played by Kris Kristofferson. It would make sense to include Whistler, who is an essential character in Blade’s comic history, so the teen is a curious addition that could also have its roots in comics.

Source: Daniel Richtman via DisInsider

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