REPORT: First Look at ‘Tron 3’s New Flynn’s Arcade Hints at an Early 2022 Production Start

tron 3 flynns arcade

It looks like our friends over at DisInsider may have gotten their hands on something quite interesting. Last year, it seemed like Disney was moving forward with a third entry in the cult classic Tron series, which will receive the sub-title, Ares. Jared Leto is attached with Garth Davis set to direct the project. Sadly, news died down considerably since and we haven’t really gotten any new details since. Luckily, it seems that DisInsider’s John Bishop was able to get his hands on some set photos featuring an updated look for the iconic Flynn’s Arcade.

If sets are already being built and prepared, it’s a good sign that production may start in early 2022. Of course, this isn’t enough to really hammer down a specific start date, but it’s enough to at least get a feeling that things are finally moving forward. It’s uncertain if they’ll dive into the classic designs provided by the original Tron from 1982, or continue the neon look from Tron: Legacy.

The return of Flynn’s Arcade does confirm that it’ll continue the building blocks set by the previous, as this is the location where Sam would get transported into the digitized world of The Grid. It might also be where the next storyline starts off, as the next person gets sucked into this new world.

Source: DisInsider

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