REPORT: First ‘Twisted Metal’ Casting Details Teases Agent Stone

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Peacock has been busy developing a new series based on the popular PlayStation gaming series Twisted Metal. While it sadly hasn’t quite gotten any momentum in the current generation of consoles, it still was quite the cult favorite. Anthony Mackie is set to spearhead the project from the writing team behind Cobra Kai and Deadpool. In a new report by Illuminerdi, they may have uncovered two iconic characters joining the gaming franchise.

According to them, they are currently casting two roles for the Peacock series. They are busy looking to cast the characters of Quiet and Agent Stone, who will be series regulars. As the first character’s name implies, they are someone who can’t speak due to growing up not being allowed to talk. Yet, it gave her the possibility to gain a very different insight. She is seemingly an original character.

Agent Stone, on the other hand, is described as a brutal highway patrolman. It seems he is someone that fully embraced the apocalypse and adores his new lifestyle in the Divided States of America. Unlike Quiet, this character does have a history with the games and is the driver of the Crimson Fury. He was introduced in the original Twisted Metal game from 1995 but was a secret agent looking for an item. It wasn’t until Twisted Metal: Black that we got the version that is closer to the character description.

It’ll be interesting to see what other familiar faces make their way into the Peacock series. As they are seemingly adding some original characters as well, they may focus on who best adds to the overarching narrative of the project. We still don’t know if Sweet Tooth will make his appearance, who is the most recognizable character from the gaming series.

Source: Illuminerdi

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