REVIEW: ‘Keepers of the Cosmos’ is Raunchy Galactic Fun

Every generation is looking for their Star Wars. Something that transports them to another universe and sends them tumbling through a galactic adventure stuffed with fluffy, lovable characters and charmingly heroic leads. A tale made for everyone, that inspires children to be better adults and adults to unlock their inner child. On the surface, it may seem like this is the goal writer Adam Barnhardt had in mind while crafting Keepers of the Cosmos, the latest comic from publisher Scout Comics. However, after reading the series’ first two issues, this is assuredly not the case. Instead, Keepers of the Cosmos is raunchy, daring, and definitely not for kids. It refuses to be for everybody, and it’s miles better for it.

Keepers of the Cosmos features a group of intergalactic peacekeepers traversing the galaxy’s last frontier and doling out their own unique forms of justice; so on paper, it definitely has the trappings of a typical space-bound romp. Yet, the end product is so much more than standard fare. The series is ripe with sci-fi goodness but manages to ground itself with wildly human characters. From the get-go, Keepers introduces its main cast as deeply flawed individuals, giving the story a relatable sense of humanity that draws the reader in immediately. Part of keeping with that humanity involves the use of quite a bit of debauchery, something that stamps the comic with Barnhardt’s signature comedic flair and officially brands it as Guardians of the Galaxy for full-grown adults.

Keepers also does an impressive amount of world-building for a new book, constructing a new universe with surprising efficiency and speed. In only a few short pages, readers will meet a fairly large, merry band of misfits and likely hop on board their adventure with comfortable ease. There is action and romance aplenty, and artist Agung Prabowo proves adept at laying out exciting splash pages that jump at the reader and demand they pay attention. In fact, Prabowo’s character design is one of the book’s highlights, accurately playing on expected sci-fi tropes while remaining fresh and exciting. The colorful and vibrant universe made possible by Barnhardt and Prabowo is one readers will want to continue exploring for a long time to come.

Ultimately, Keepers of the Cosmos is both fresh and familiar. It’s full of love for decades of intergalactic storytelling, with plenty of nods for the most die-hard fans, while still fiercely molding its own path toward originality. Barnhardt and Prabowo’s style works together seamlessly, blessing Keepers with a distinct brand of comical chaos. It’s an excellent read for those who are looking for something exciting and different and would like to support an original voice in the industry.

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