UPDATE: Andrew Garfield’s Stunt Double on ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 3’ Rumors

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UPDATE: It looks like another comment has been discovered by William Spencer on the discussions surrounding The Amazing Spider-Man 3. As shared previously, the Andrew Garfield stunt double seemingly hinted at something being in the works, but The Direct uncovered another comment that was tucked away, where he confirms he has no info on the rumored The Amazing Spider-Man 3 revival.

The Amazing Spider-Man 3 William Spencer

As we stated in our article below, he reacted with a thank you to a previous congratulations on a revival, very likely spurred by the Forbes piece that seemed to hint at one being already in development.

Source: Instagram via The Direct

Ever since Spider-Man: No Way Home hit theaters, there’s been a lot to digest on the future of Spider-Man. Many were happy to see Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire‘s return to the iconic roles, but it also brought back a new love for The Amazing Spider-Man franchise. So much that it even became a trending topic and people wanted to see the revival of the third entry. Garfield is even a popular choice to face off against Venom, as many believe his Peter Parker exists in that specific universe while Tom Holland continues in the MCU. Well, a slip up by Garfield‘s stunt double may have confirmed that Sony is reviving The Amazing Spider-Man 3.

In a new post, William Spencer shared that he is currently recovering from an Achilles injury. Many comments hinted at their interest in him returning to stunt double in the third entry with one user even congratulating on a project that isn’t officially announced. Well, it’s his reaction to the statement that has caught everyone’s attention, as he seemingly thanks him for the congratulations and may have confirmed that a project may be in some form of development or at least talks.

The reason we run it as a rumor is due to a Forbes article adding some confusion to the mix. Sony originally wanted Garfield to face off against the Sinister Six, who were going to get their own film. And amidst the Venom rumors, an article titled “Andrew Garfield Likely Returning As Spider-Man to Fight Venom, Sinister Six” started adding more fuel to the fire that the project is happening. Yet, it seems that most of the piece is pure speculation on Sony wanting to capitalize on the success of No Way Home. So, this could be the basis of him believing a third entry is in development. So far, we only heard that the fourth entry of Hollands‘ run is in development, but there are still many rumors hinting at Garfield not being done with Spidey. So, we’ll take this with a grain of salt for now, but hope that Sony unveils its future plans in the near future.

Source: Instagram, Forbes

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