RUMOR: ‘Green Lantern’ to Feature Original Black Female Lantern

Just recently, we received the long-awaited news that the HBO Max Green Lantern series would be officially moving forward. It got a full season green light with Seth Grahame-Smith, and Marc Guggenheim set as showrunners. Alongside this news, it was confirmed that the show features a large cast of characters. The Green Lantern Corp. will include Guy Gardner, Jessica Cruz, Simon Baz, Kilowog, and Alan Scott. The show will take place throughout multiple decades of history. It seems the Lanterns will be getting a new face from Sector-2814 to aid in the protection of the galaxy.

The Direct is reporting that that show features an original character that’ll partner up with Guy Gardner. Her description states that she is a black female lantern named Bree Jarta. It also states that she is an equal part of alien and human. The character is said to have grown up within an advanced alien society on a planet deep in space. She will be extremely determined to uphold the honor and values of the Lantern Corps to stay true to the duty of holding the ring.

Many fans might assume that this is an adaptation of the newest Lantern, who got introduced in the Far Sector comics from DC’s Young Animal library. This storyline features Jo Mullein, an ex-cop, and vet who becomes a lantern. She is part of a sector so far from Oa that she calls it the Far Sector. It would be a shame not to adapt to this character, especially if you consider the character’s rise in popularity. Also, the unique situation in which she finds herself on a distant planet could lend itself to an interesting

Green Lantern currently has no release date. Casting hasn’t started yet, but with work behind the scenes seemingly moving along, we can expect some more news in the future.

Source: The Direct

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