REPORT: Sinestro to Appear in HBO Max’s ‘Green Lantern’

green lantern sinestro

The upcoming HBO Max’s Green Lantern will span multiple decades, as we follow Lanterns from past and present. The film will explore the stories of Alan Scott, Guy Gardener, Jessica Cruz, Simon Baz, and Bree Jarta, who is an original character made for the series. It is set to start production next week. So, the timing of this reveal is quite interesting, as Illuminerdi has learned that Sinestro will appear in the upcoming series. Yes, that Thaal Sinestro will have a role of some kind. The warrior of will, who would eventually turn into an agent of fear.

The character is described to be “akin to a warrior monk.” It’s a fitting description for the character, who was previously played by Mark Strong in Ryan ReynoldsGreen Lantern film. They are looking to cast someone in their 40s to play the “greatest of all the Green Lanterns,” who will serve as a “strategic commander.” He will be a series regular with his darker side being teased prominently. So, we might see the Sinestro Corps make an appearance at some point in the HBO Max series.

Green Lantern currently has no release date but is currently set to release exclusively on HBO Max. The series is set to be written by Marc Guggenheim and Seth Grahame-Smith and produced by Greg Berlanti. The inclusion of Sinestro may hint at future appearances by other major characters like Hal Jordan or John Stewart. It’ll be interesting to see how the series ties together the different decades in the Green Lantern’s history once it releases on the Warner Bros. streaming platform.

Source: Variety, FTIA, Illuminerdi

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