RUMOR: Working Titles for Marvel Studios’ ‘Ironheart’ and ‘Echo’ Disney+ Series

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We have a lot of Marvel Studios projects to look forward to. We are this close to the release of Black Widow. Loki has two more episodes to go before What If premieres sometime this summer. That isn’t all, as it looks like two Disney+ projects are picking up speed over at Marvel Studios. It’s a common practice for their films to work under a pseudonym. Around three months ago, we found out that the Captain Marvel sequel, which now is titled The Marvels, entered production as Goat Rodeo. Now, it seems that Cosmic Circus might have gotten their hands on the working titles for Ironheart and the upcoming Echo spin-off.

The first on the list is the upcoming series that will introduce moviegoers to the character of Riri Williams. The genius MIT student ends up creating the most advanced suit since Tony Stark. With a confirmed War Machine-focused Armor Wars series around the corner, it seems clear she might also be involved in the project to some capacity. According to Cosmic Circus, the Ironheart Disney+ series got the working title “Wise Guy,” which is an odd choice. The titles don’t always give away what the project is about and sometimes also act as a way to get you off their scent.

Echo’s working title “Whole Branzino” is another case that opens up more questions than answers. The Branzino is the Italian name for the European bass, which might play into her close ties to the mafia in the comics. The character will be portrayed by Alaqua Cox in the upcoming Hawkeye series before she branches off into her own adventure. We know the Tracksuit Mafia will be involved. So, it might be a play on her connection to them. It’s always fun o speculate with working titles what they could mean, but each new project shows that Marvel Studios is no sopping anytime soon to find creative working titles.

Source: Cosmic Circus (Ironheart), Cosmic Circus (Echo)

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