‘She-Hulk’ Case Files: Who Is Man-Bull?

Court is now in session and Jennifer Walters is here to reprsent the defendant in the matter of Superhuman law. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law has finally hit Disney+ as the next installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and seems to be one of the studios most unique projects yet. With it comes a whole slew of C-listers and D-Lister heroes and villains that have found themselves in legal trouble.

The Prosecution Calls To The Stand: Man-Bull!

Before he was the monstrosity he is now, William Taurens, also known as Bull Taurus, was a goon that worked for Mr. Kline, an android known as MK-9 sent from the future to stop an impending apocalypse posing as a mob boss. Kline had tasked Taurens and his partner in crime, Itch to kidnap random people off the streets to be used as subjects in his testing trials. William and Itch were stopped by Daredevil, but due to their failure, were subject to MK-9’s test themselves in which William Taurens was transformed into the malignant mammal we know today.

This punishment didn’t stop him, however, as Taurens hit the streets yet again, intent on kidnapping more victims. Of course, Daredevil stopped him once more, and he reverted back to his human form.

When in Man-Bull form, Taurens possesses some pretty basic superhuman abilities such as strength, invulnerability and endurance. When in a state of intense rage his adrenaline pushes him into an unstable mood that actually allows him to control bovines through psionic means.

Mann-Bull made his live-action debut in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, now streaming on Disney+.

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