‘She-Hulk’ Case Files: Who is Mr.Immortal?

Court is now in session and Jennifer Walters is here to represent the defendant in the matter of Superhuman law. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law has finally hit Disney+ as the next installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and seems to be one of the studio’s most unique projects yet. With it comes a whole slew of C-listers and D-Lister heroes and villains that have found themselves in legal trouble.

The Prosecution Calls To The Stand: Mr. Immortal!

Craig Hollis, better known as Mr. Immortal first appeared in July of 1989 in The West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 #46 and was created by Marvel Comics legend John Byrne. Just moments after his birth, before the death of his mother, Craig Hollis was visited by Deathurge who promised to look after Craig after his mother passed. Deathurge would act as a sort of imaginary friend to Craig, encouraging him to do incredibly dangerous things that would result in the death of his father after setting his house on fire. Deathurge then abandoned Craig until the love of his life killed herself, returning only to promptly leave once more. Craig attempted to kill himself but when his attempts failed numerous times, realized that he was unkillable…perhaps even immortal.

After realizing this, Craig adopted the mantle of Mr.Immortal and jumped into action to foil the plans of some nearby bank robbers, but was quickly shot up by said robbers and left behind. That debacle inspired Craig to put together a team, thus bringing about the Great Lakes Avengers, bringing characters like Flatman, Doorman, Dina Soar, Leather Boy, and Big Bertha to the pages of Marvel Comics.

Mr. Immortal’s abilities are pretty straightforward but come with a catch: his healing factor only kicks in when he faces life-threatening injuries. Simple cuts, bruises, and broken bones heal at a normal rate compared to him being shot, stabbed, gutted, decapitated, drowned, crushed, or any other way to kill a man. On top of all that, his body does not age as normally as others. Upon revival, however, he’s filled with an incredible rage that is difficult to knock out of him.

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