‘She-Hulk’ Case Files: Who is The Porcupine?

Court is now in session and Jennifer Walters is here to reprsent the defendant in the matter of Superhuman law. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law has finally hit Disney+ as the next installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and seems to be one of the studios most unique projects yet. With it comes a whole slew of C-listers and D-Lister heroes and villains that have found themselves in legal trouble.

The Prosecution Calls To The Stand: The Porcupine!

First appearing in Tales To Astonish #48 in July of 1963, Alexander Gentry worked for the United States military as a weapons designer. Gentry began developing a porcupine-based battle suit, working long nights to make breakthroughs on his project. As he finally completed the suit he quickly became concerned that the US government would not properly compensate him for his hard work and believed he would be much better off using the suit himself as a means for monetary gain.

Gentry made his debut as the quilled criminal during the grand opening of a supposed “burglar-proof” bank where he went toe-to-toe with Giant-Man and The Wasp. Porcupine faced off against the two heroes a few more times but would eventually be defeated when he attempted to grow to Giant-Man’s size after stealing some of Hank Pym’s growth pills, realizing too late that he’d actually swallowed shrinking pills.


The Porcupine battlesuit allowed its wearer enhanced strength and durability as well as an array of trick quills. Some of the quills were just basic sharp projectiles that could be fired from the suit but others consisted of lasers, rockets, sleeping gas, smoke bombs, tear gas, torches, electricity blast, and concussion bombs.

The Porcupine made his live-action debut on She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, streaming every Wednesday on Disney+.

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