Sony and Marvel Studios Have Not Finalized a Deal for Post-‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ After All

Sony Spiderman deal

Here’s a curious development. Sony and Marvel Studios’ third Spider-Man film is about to release with No Way Home. Just as the tickets went on sale, we are starting to get some teases of the future for Tom Holland‘s time as the webhead. Producer Amy Pascal earlier today revealed that they are already working on the next trilogy and confirmed that there’s already a deal in place for the upcoming three films. Well, turns out that might not be the full picture just yet.

So, even though that quote seemed like a definite deal was in place, The Hollywood Reporter has shared that Sony insiders are not aware of any official plans being in place just yet. Yes, Sony wants to continue working with Holland and Feige but there’s nothing concrete finalized for any trilogy or future film.

Of course, if cooperation is wanted on both sides, it’ll definitely happen. Plus, the MCU connection has boosted quite a few of their projects and it would be strange to pull the plug right after Venom: Let There Be Carnage teased a meeting between the two. Marvel Studios also likes to keep some cards close to the chest. So, we might get a clearer picture on Spidey’s future in the new year.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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