‘Spider-Man 3’ Should Introduce Inter-Dimensional Hunter Morlun

Spider-Man 3 is shaping up to be quite a unique entry in the ever-growing Spider-Man franchise. Recent rumors are starting to pile on that this will end up the opening to the greater multiverse. Doctor Strange was confirmed to appear in the film. Now, some rumors are also pointing to some other Spider-Men getting added to the film. This storyline could be our first live-action adaptation of the Spider-Verse if they dive deep into the larger multiverse. Still, it opens up an important question about who the main villain would be that ties it all together. Kraven has been on everyone’s list, but with the multiversal aspect of the story, there is another hunter that may take center-stage. I believe that Earth-001’s Morlun might become the main focus of the story.

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Let’s start with a quick recap on who Morlun is. He was introduced in The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 2 #30. He is from an alternative Earth and is part of a family known as the Inheritors. They hunt down totems of heroes that exist throughout multiple universes. They have an obsession with hunting down Spider-Totemic avatars. These consist of the many incarnations of Spider-Man across the multiverse. At one point, he even tried to take on Black Panther as he hunted down Panther totems. The reason for his hunt is to absorb the life of the totems, which give him superhuman abilities. With the help of Master Weaver, they can transport to different dimensions to prolong their lives for eternity. As such, he is described as a vampiric cosmic entity, especially after the Inheritors were the main villains in Spider-Verse.

Why do I believe Morlun will be the focus of Spider-Man 3? Well, Spidey is on the run from the government. His identity is out there, so he has no place to remain safe. He will have to outrun the police and maybe even the government. His home turf of New York City isn’t as safe as it uses to be. All of a sudden, Wanda’s actions in WandaVision have broken the barriers between the multiverse. Suddenly, Peter is fighting enemies he has never seen before but seems to recognize him. Among them was the recently confirmed Elektro that has some history with him. Suddenly, ta new menace shows his face, who seems to be the one guiding these villains to Peter’s dimension.

The mastermind turns out to be no one else but Morlun. The interdimensional hunter is after the various Spider tokens. He was previously after two distinct versions of Spider-Man that seemed to have escaped into this dimension. Holland‘s incarnation ends up getting cornered by the various villains. Morlun uses this chance to suck out his life. Yet, he gets interrupted by other Spider-Man. in a perfect world, this could mean the return of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. Just for fun, why not also bring in Jake Johnson to reprise his role from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Together they fight Morlun and defeat him. Doctor Strange appears to help them to make sure they can return home safely, but in the process, Holland‘s Spidey ends up falling into a different dimension before. Now, he is trapped in an unknown world. He will do his best to find a way back home while facing new challenges. Little does he know, Morlun has resurrected and is ready to hunt them down once more.

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