Murphy’s Team-Up, Volume 2: What MCU Supporting Character Should Get The Next Spin-Off

In this week’s Murphy’s Team-Up, we look at what MCU characters deserve their own spinoff following news of Agatha Harkness’ new series.

Welcome back to Murphy’s Team-Up! Think of this as the Nerds of the SquareTable, where the writers of Murphy’s Multiverse come together every Sunday to answer a burning question that comes out of the news of the week.

This week’s question:
Now that Agatha, War Machine and Echo have gotten their own spin-offs, what MCU supporting character would you like to see get their chance to shine next?  

Anthony Canton III

I would like to see Hunter B-15 get a spinoff. Wunmi Mosaku is a leading lady in the making and B-15’s story before the events of Loki. If we could see how the TVA took shape through her eyes and visit her memories? It would be the perfect through-line to Ravonna and a, maybe, even more Kang.

DA Osorio

That’s a good choice, Anthony! I am all for getting the chance to revisit the TVA. However, I’m going in a different direction: I’d love to revisit the Kree Empire and see more of Djimon Hounsou and his version of Korath The Pursuer. Korath has ties to the Shi’ar Empire, and was sent to assassinate Lilandra; he has also fought Quasar. Korath has also gone to war with Makkari, an Eternal set to debut next month in that feature film. With Secret Invasion on deck, plus The Marvels, it feels like there is a good opportunity for a variant of Korath to make his presence felt.

Charles Murphy

I’m all in on Jaimie Alexander‘s Sif getting a spinoff show entitled Journey Into Mystery. While we are about to get our 4th Thor movie and the 2nd season of Loki, there are so many tales of Asgard left to tell and so many well-developed characters that we’ve never met. One thing that makes these spinoff shows great is that the main characters get a supporting cast around them and a JIM series could follow Sif around the previously unexplored corners of the Nine Realms and bring a lot of these great characters to life.

Hunter Radisi

Howard the Duck would make for an excellent foray into more adult-centric animation.  You can use the character to explore and introduce a lot of the more “out there” Marvel characters and locations without it feeling weird or out of place. We are long overdue for more Howard The Duck. 


I’d love to see Stakar Ogord’s team from Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 get a prequel series. Maybe jumping from the past to the present, showing how the team first came together and bringing back Michael Rooker’s Yondu. I think there’s potential there and another way to get James Gunn back for another stint in the MCU. 


While not being the most obvious choice, following The Collector through his own Disney+ show might prove to be an interesting concept. This could either be a prequel to when we first meet him in Thor: The Dark World or, in case he managed to escape Thanos’ wrath, a sequel to the events of Avengers: Infinity War. We could go deeper into his relationship with his brother Grandmaster though perhaps the most interesting way to go about it is to explore how he managed to acquire all the artifacts and entities he kept in his Museum, from Cosmo to Howard the Duck. In case we’re talking about a sequel we would follow his pursuit to gather them all once again. This would bring Benicio del Toro, one of the best actors of his generation, back into the MCU, and by having the action take place far away from Earth, it wouldn’t be so constrained by all the events that took or are taking place over there. With the outer space setting things could get as crazy as they come.

Mary Maerz

I would like a Korg and Miek buddy cop series or special. It could follow the two caught in the middle of some mysterious threat facing New Asgard while Valkyrie is away on vacation or something, and they could take the lead in trying to solve or handle it. 

Nathan Miller

black panther 2 set photo

I would love a Ryan Coogler-produced Namor and Atlantis Disney+ series spinning out of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Not only would it be amazing to see another Coogler worldbuilding project flourish in the MCU, with plenty of opportunity for new characters and locations. It would also be a fantastic opportunity for some Indigenous representation both in front of and behind the camera with up-and-coming writers, directors, and crew.

Which characters would you like to see get their a spinoff?

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