SWCA: Description of ‘Tales of the Jedi’s First Ahsoka-Focused Episode

tales of the jedi footage

Star Wars Celebration has been filled with surprises, and we even got our first real look at Tales of the Jedi. The new animated series will explore the history of some familiar faces throughout Star Wars‘ long history and our very own Hunter Radesi got the chance to watch an episode from the series. Here’s a description of that footage.

The episode they got to watch was titled “Life and Death.” The episodes seem to be on the shorter side with a length of 15 minutes teased for the episode that was shown and it has a similar style to The Clone Wars. It explored the story of Ahsoka Tano when she was born in a little village. We actually meet her family and there’s a celebration. A year later, she takes her hunting and teaches her lessons on the value of life.

Her mother will be voiced by Janina Gavankar, who many might recognize as Iden Verso from Battlefront II. It seems while they are hunting they get attacked by an animal that is similar to a sabretooth tiger. Her mom was keeping it off long enough for support from the village to arrive. Yet it grabs Ahsoka and brings it to her cave. She manages to communicate with it through the Force so as not to get eaten. She returns o her village riding it and we meet an old lady that proclaims that “Ahsoka is a Jedi.”

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