Tentative ‘THE MANDALORIAN’ Chapter 13 Title Hints at Ahsoka’s Appearance

Ever since it became known that Dave Filoni would be directing Chapter 13 of The Mandalorian, the idea that this would mark Ahsoka Tano’s live-action introduction established itself as an almost certainty. We’ve all been anxiously waiting for her appearance on the show. Bo-Katan’s mention of her just made the wait even more difficult, as we never got an official announcement when we can expect her. Disney’s approach to marketing this weekly release has been surprisingly subtle with the episodes carrying the weight of what may be to come. Today, after the release of Chapter 12, the TV listings over at OSN.com gave us yet another hint that this should really be the case, as Chapter 13 seems to be titled “The Jedi”.



One week from today we’ll all know for sure, but everything from the director to the storyline seems to be in place for the debut of everyone’s favorite Togruta on November 27. Ahsoka has become a staple of the Star Wars franchise ever since her debut on The Clone Wars. The last time we saw her was in Rebels, which took place before the original trilogy. It will be interesting to see her reaction to the Child. Din Djarin, our titular Mandalorian, also seems to have no knowledge of the Jedi Council that existed long before the Empire ruled the galaxy. Her addition could also hint at many more iconic characters from the extended franchise making an appearance, such as Rebels Ezra Bridger and Sabine Wren. Hopefully, we only have to wait one more week until she finally makes her The Mandalorian debut and, just maybe, find out more about the Child’s origin.

Source: OSN

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